Do’s & Don’ts in Dubai Dissertation Writing – You Must Know 2024

Do's & Don'ts in Dubai Dissertation Writing - You Must Know 2024

A dissertation holds the ability to elevate your career from zero to hero. Every student novice and advanced can take leverage of it to be a better version of themselves. However, during the time of dissertation writing, many students do things that they should not. To resolve this concern, this article ties you to many advantageous solutions that keep you to the things that are necessary to consider.

Here is what we will cover in this guide;

Avoid Common Mistakes in Dissertation Writing

Avoid these mistakes while writing a dissertation. However, if you are unable to avoid these mistakes you should consult with Dissertation Writing Services in Dubai. They are professionals to assist you in the best possible way.

Insufficient Research

Research plays a pivotal role in any academic work. Research is crucial when writing a master’s thesis. Adequate research exposes you to a wide range of ideas to enable you to develop original thoughts and construct strong arguments supported by credible references. If you fail to conduct enough research can undermine the effort you put into your thesis as it may lack depth and credibility. Moreover, limiting your research can result in a shortage of resources hindering the overall quality of your work.

Choosing the Wrong Topic

The right dissertation topic is worthy of a good thesis. If you pick something too hard or old-fashioned. It’s going to be tough to keep yourself interested and to keep your readers interested too. You want to pick something that fits with what you’re studying and hasn’t been talked about a ton already. Avoid topics that everyone’s already talked about because there won’t be much new stuff to say. It’s all about finding something fresh and interesting to explore!.

Lack of Organization

An organized writing process is essential for a successful thesis. Thus, creating a clear outline for your research methodology and overall writing process can help you keep track of sources and references. It’s easy to lose valuable information and struggle to present a coherent argument without proper organization.

Poor Communication with Advisors

Talking often with your thesis helpers is important to stay on track and get help when you need it. Regular meetings help you see how far you’ve come and if you’re doing things on time. You can always ask for help  If you have questions or feel confused to understand better and make sure you finish your thesis on time.

Overcomplicating Your Research

While writing your thesis try to make it easy for everyone to understand it easily. Use simple words and explain tricky stuff in a way that makes sense. Make sure your research steps and what you found are organized neatly. Anyone reading it can understand without getting lost. Keep it simple and clear!

Neglecting Proper Formatting

Your thesis must look professional by incorporating the proper organized formatting. If it’s not formatted correctly, it can cause problems and make things stressful. So, set aside some time to check that your thesis follows all the rules about how it should look. And don’t forget to fill out any forms you need to submit along with your thesis. Getting everything done early will help you avoid a lot of stress later on.


A dissertation writing is not a one-day task. Therefore, procrastinating isn’t the right approach. It can cause stress and make your work suffer if you wait until the last minute. The ideal way is to break down your dissertation into smaller tasks and set deadlines for each one. After that, find a quiet and comfortable place to work where you won’t be distracted. You are allowed to take small steps consistently. It is key to getting it done without feeling overwhelmed.

Submitting Plagiarized Work

Plagiarism is a crime in the academic world. That’s why submitting a plagiarized work a serious consequences for your academic reputation and career. Try to ensure that you properly cite all sources and follow academic integrity guidelines. Turnitin is an ideal method to examine dissertation plagiarism. These checkers and seeking guidance from academic experts can help you verify the originality and legitimacy of your work before submission.

Ignoring Editing and Proofreading

Essential steps in the thesis writing process revolve around proofreading and editing. It helps you to identify whether the dissertation you have written meets the guidelines of the university or not. It’s alright to take the time to edit and proofread to meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Must do Things while Writing a Dissertation

1. Choose a Relevant Topic:

It is a crucial step while dissertation writing and thesis to select a topic that revolves around your interests and field. This is essential to be engaged from head to toe.

2. Begin Early:

The ideal way is to start as soon as possible to complete it on time. It helps you to get enough time to analyze pitfalls and revamp it.

3. Refine Your Research Question:

A better way is to narrow down your research question to focus on a specific aspect of your topic. The well-organized and proper research question assists in maintaining clarity and coherence throughout your dissertation.

4. Follow Your Research Design:

It is necessary to structure your dissertation according to the requirements and research design you’ve been given by the university. That’s helpful to ensure that your writing meets all the needs of your university.

5. Use Academic Language and Formatting:

You must pay attention to using appropriate academic terminology and formatting conventions. This involves citing sources correctly for adhering to citation styles such as APA or MLA and maintaining consistency in writing style and tone. Proper academic language and formatting enhance the professionalism and credibility of your dissertation


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Dissertation writing plays a pivotal role in students’ careers. Numerous students from novice to professional are not aware of the things that should be noted while writing a dissertation. Therefore, we have crafted this comprehensive guide to help you with the things you must do or avoid.


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